Allocell® and Allocell® AF are next generation bone grafts. Their unique properties make them a natural choice for surgeons who are looking for enhanced fusion outcomes. Our proprietary narrow and wide elongated inductive fiber technology raises the bar for materials used in spine and orthopedics.

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Contour® BA Moldable Bioactive Bone Graft is an osteoconductive, bioactive, porous implant that allows for bony ingrowth across the graft site. Contour® is composed of carbonate apatite anorganic bone mineral, bioactive glass, and Type I collagen that can be molded to fit the bone defect.

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Signal® Bioactive Fibers are a synthetic bone graft substitute, which remodels into bone and is easy to use. Signal® Bioactive Fibers are made of resorbable bioactive glass, which once in contact with natural body fluids forms a silica gel and promotes new bone growth. The porous granules provide the scaffolding for the new bone tissue to be formed.

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Cellesta® Amniotic Membrane is a minimally manipulated, placental allograft product. Our proprietary Clearant gentle preservation technology allows for optimal viability with minimal protein degradation. The Cellesta graft is a biological barrier with relevant, inherent characteristics often utilized for therapeutic solutions.

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Amplify® Synthetic Bone Graft Substitute is designed for surgeons performing spinal fusions who want to ensure optimal bone growth with fewer postsurgical complications. Like Actifuse, Signafuse, NovaBone Putty, NanoBone and MagnetOs, Amplify® provides a resorbable ceramic bone growth scaffold.

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Connext® Surgical Matrix is a purified, low pH, 100% Type 1 Native Bovine Collagen indicated for the management of complex wounds. Connext creates a low pH healing environment, which has been shown to increase fibroblast proliferation, promotes epithelization and angiogenesis, regulate MMP activity, increase oxygenation of damaged tissues, and inhibit growth of pathogens.

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