Bone Graft

Our portfolio of osteobiologics feature a wide array of premier allograft and synthetic bone graft solutions to meet the needs of surgeons, patients and hospital administration alike. patients and hospital administration alike. patients and hospital administration alike. 

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Soft Tissue

Low pH, 100% type 1 bovine collagen has been shown to increase fibroblast proliferation and promote angiogenesis. Connext may be used in the management of partial and full thickness wounds, 1st and 2nd degree burns and surgically created wounds.

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Amniotic Tissue

Our amniotic tissue is a minimally manipulated, placental allograft product. It is a biological barrier with relevant, inherent characteristics often utilized for therapeutic solutions and processed utilizing our proprietary Clearant® gentle preservation technology.

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The next generation
in bone graft technology.

Our Backpack® + Allocell® AF contains our unique Allocell® AF demineralized bone fibers made from 100% human tissue with proprietary narrow and wide elongated inductive fibers interconnected in a weave. Backpack AMP is a synthetic option which utilizes our patented Amplify® granule technology.*

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*Not FDA cleared.

*Not currently available for use in the United States.

For surgeons seeking the assurance that they are using the highest quality products for their patients, Ventris provides a range of biologics that not only reflect the latest research in biomaterial technology but also reflects the preferences of the surgeons who use them.