Soft Tissue

Ventris® is dedicated to providing products that adhere to the current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements of the FDA regulation, with the ultimate goal of an exceptional outcome for the patient.

Biocompatibility testing of Connext® products and wound healing studies have been conducted in accordance with the testing standards of ISO 10993: “Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices.”

Surgical Matrix

Connext® Surgical Matrix is a 100% Native Bovine Type I Collagen which, when applied to a wound, absorbs excess wound exudate to form a moist occlusive barrier. It is provided in Ventris’ proprietary pre-filled syringe delivery system and bellows which allows physicians the ability to make precise and accurate applications. The open end on the barrel of the syringe enables the surgeon to administer the desired amount of collagen to the site easily and effectively.

Connext® Surgical Matrix has a low pH level in the 2.6 to 2.7 range whereas most competitive collagen is in the 4.5 to 5.5 pH range. The low pH prevents microbial growth on a wound and creates a favorable healing environment by an increase in oxygen saturation. Unlike other collagen products with limited absorption capacities and high pH levels, Connext® Surgical Matrix forms a true gelatinous biobarrier regardless of the level of exudate. Connext® Surgical Matrix is available in three sizes: X-Large (.045 oz), Large (.030 oz.), and Small (.015 oz.), is provided sterile, and is available by prescription use only.

Product Code Size
CNX – 015 0.015 oz
CNX – 030 0.030 oz
CNX – 045 0.045 oz