Amniotic Tissue

All Ventris® amniotic tissue products are processed using our proprietary, gentle preservations technology, Clearant®, to ensure optimal viability with minimal protein degradation.

The result is a biological barrier with relevant, inherent characteristics utilized for therapeutic solutions. Ventris® manages the supply chain from the origin of the tissue all the way through its clinical application.

Amniotic Membrane

Cellesta® Amniotic Membrane single-layered allografts are affixed to a poly mesh backing and can be sutured, glued, or laid over the desired tissue. Once the poly mesh is removed, either side of the graft may be applied to the target tissue, as Ventris® provides these grafts orientation neutral for ease of use. Cellesta® Amniotic Membrane is intended for homologous use only, is available wet or dry in a variety of sizes, and may be trimmed to the desired size or shape.

Product Code Size
CAM – 0202D 2 x 2 cm
CAM – 0204D 2 x 4 cm
CAM – 0303D 3 x 3 cm
CAM – 0206D 2 x 6 cm
CAM – 0404D 4 x 4 cm
CAM – 0212D 2 x 12 cm
CAM – 0406D 4 x 6 cm
CAM – 0408D 4 x 8 cm