Bone Graft

Ventris Medical® offers a wide variety of proprietary bone graft solutions to meet the needs of surgeons and their patients, across a broad range of patient needs, procedures, and healthcare platforms.

We currently offer bone grafts comprised of synthetic and human allograft materials as well as engage in the development of next generation bone regeneration products.

Ventris® strives to integrate a strategy of strong innovation and product development required to meet and exceed the needs of today’s market.

Allocell® & Allocell® AF

Allocell® and Allocell® AF are next generation bone grafts. Their unique properties make them a natural choice for surgeons who are looking for enhanced fusion outcomes. Our proprietary narrow and wide elongated inductive fiber technology raises the bar for materials used in spine and orthopedics.

Each lot of Allocell® and Allocell® AF undergoes an either in vivo rat osteoinductivity (OI) potential testing procedures or through validated procedures.  These processes ensure that every box of Allocell® and Allocell® AF that we manufacture is efficacious and provides the best performing bone graft possible to our surgeon customers.

Product Code Size
ALLO – 025 2.5 cc
ALLO – 050 5 cc
ALLO – 100 10 cc
ALLO – 150 15 cc
Product Code Size
ALLO – 025AF Small
ALLO – 050AF Medium
ALLO – 100AF Large

Osteocyte Putty

Allograft Bone Matrix

Osteocyte is a 100% carrier-free allograft fiber putty, is irrigation resistant, and maintains its integrity in moist environments. Osteocyte has proven regenerative capacity by exhibiting all five elements of bone formation and offers best-in-class handling.

Osteocyte’s proprietary blend of demineralized cortical fibers provides optimal regenerative capabilities. By eliminating the need for extraneous carriers, fillers, or binding agents, Osteocyte is able to elicit a positive osteoinductive response and recruit undifferentiated and pluripotent cells to develop into new bone cells.

Product Code Size
OBM – 005 5 cc
OBM – 010 10 cc

Osteocyte Sponge

Allograft Bone Matrix

Osteocyte Demineralized Cancellous Sponges are harvested from a single piece of cancellous bone. The cancellous bone is demineralized which exposes all inherent growth factors.  These growth factors are essential for new bone formation and the interconnected porosity of cancellous bone allows for cellular infiltration.  When compressed, the Osteocyte sponge will expand back to its original shape, allowing it to fill the contour of the bony void creating the desired host bone to graft interface.

Product Code Size
MIG – 500 50 × 20 × 5 mm

Contour® BA

Moldable Bioactive Bone Graft

Contour® BA Moldable Bioactive Bone Graft is an osteoconductive, bioactive, porous implant that allows for bony ingrowth across the graft site. Contour® is composed of carbonate apatite anorganic bone mineral, bioactive glass, and Type I collagen that can be molded to fit the bone defect.

Product Code Size
CBA – 200 2.5 cc
CBA – 400 4 cc
CBA – 500 5 cc
CBA – 800 8 cc
CBA – 1000 10 cc
CBA – 1600 16 cc


Porous Bioactive Fibers

Signal® Bioactive Fibers are a synthetic bone graft substitute, which remodels into bone and is easy to use. Signal® Bioactive Fibers are made of resorbable bioactive glass, which once in contact with natural body fluids forms a silica gel and promotes new bone growth. The porous granules provide the scaffolding for the new bone tissue to be formed.

The fully open architecture of Signal® is composed of fibers that are welded together. This creates an interconnected porous structure enabling the flow of fluids, nutrients and cells throughout the structure and the formation of new bone inside and outside of each granule.

Product Code Size
SGN – 1500 1.5 ml Vial